Give them pizza and they will come

At times it feels like the work we do to bring fairness to our government is endless.  No sooner do we gain one victory, than we need to confront another injustice.  It can be discouraging.  Yet by looking at it a little differently, it can be very empowering.  It is the timeless nature of our work for justice that is empowering.

When I was six years old our country was involved in a senseless war far away.  We had a President that thought he was above the 
law and ended up resigning in disgrace and members of Common Cause gathered to work together to address the problems our nation faced.  There was camaraderie and friendship.  These friendships have lasted over the years as one injustice gets beaten back after another.  These friendships have passed from generation to generation.

Last night, volunteers gathered at the Connecticut Common Cause office, to continue the tradition, to fight for what is right, to renew friendships, and to bring new, young people into the fold.

It was my first evening as a senior organizer at one of these events.  It was my daughter’s first evening, as a six year old, at one of these events.  We have both come away with deeper commitment to Common Cause and all it stands for.

I stand in awe of all that our Connecticut Common Cause members have done over the years.  Truly it is amazing to see what a concerned body of citizens can do if they work together and speak truth to power.  From civil rights to open government to ethics reform, over the years our members have always come out to help us fight the good fight.

After all they have done, what can we do to repay them?  The best thing we can do is to take on the mantle of reform they have upheld and pass it to a new generation of activists and volunteers.  Last night I saw this in action as my six year old daughter sat with a group of new volunteers and regaled them with tales of kindergarten as they assembled candidate kits to help our Citizens Elections candidates navigate the rules of the new program.  The discussion around the table as we worked ranged from recess to Presidential candidate attitudes about campaign finance reform to environmental issues of the day.  This group of new volunteers came together in response to an e-mail call to action and found new friendships and fellowship, ate some pizza, and got some great work done as well.  

It is heartening to know that even with people’s busy lives, they will still come out and volunteer for a cause they believe in.

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