Board Launches Investigation of Marriage Amendment Supporters

Groups failed to disclose all political donors

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board (CFDB) will proceed with an investigation of the financial activities of Minnesota for Marriage and the Minnesota Family Council. A complaint by Common Cause Minnesota triggered the investigation of both organizations for failing to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions made to the ballot campaign.

This investigation is critical to protecting the public’s right to know how political campaigns are being funded.  The Board has an opportunity expose the pattern of deceit designed to hide what interests are behind the amendment campaign. It is time that these groups are held accountable for being dishonest with Minnesotans. Their desire to operate in the shadows is a clear attack on the fundamental principles of our democracy.

Read the letter from Board acknowledging the investigation.

The investigations will focus on how the groups failed to disclose the names of the individual donors to both organizations.  Over the next several weeks, both groups will be forced to open their financial records to investigators as they explore how the groups funneled campaign contributions in support of the ballot measure. The complaint has raised serious questions to the board with the fact that Minnesotans for Marriage only disclosed seven individual donations over $100, while at the same time, Marriage Amendment opponents disclosed 773 contributors during the same period.

Contrary to the statements made by Minnesota for Marriage, the CFDB investigation is a clear indication that there are serious questions about whether they followed political spending rules. In fact, Mr. Helmberger has expressed concern to supporters that he might be sent to jail for committing perjury and circumventing state campaign finance laws.



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