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Doing Your Part to Dig Up Campaign Ad Data

Bill Moyers is mad:

A day after my posting about broadcasters pushing back on an FCC plan to post names of political ad buyers onlineThe Hill reported that “[t]wo Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee questioned Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski in a letter on Tuesday about his agency’s proposal to require TV stations to keep online databases of political advertising.”

You can read the fingerprints of lobbyists from the National Association of Broadcasters all over that little ploy. No matter that commercial stations clean up on their free use of the public access, taking it gratis and converting it into fat profits for themselves, they continue to insist on shirking their public obligations. In this case, they want to make it almost impossible for citizens to find out who’s paying for those nasty ads that treat politics as if it were conducted by squabbling two-year-olds.

But he has an idea!

Hey, you can help: Go to your local station, ask for the data and start posting it yourself. And all you professors of journalism — how about enlisting your students to be their own FOIA sleuths? The nonprofit newsroom ProPublica is encouraging students to go to their local stationsxerox the documents and post them online. (These are the documents that tell us who’s buying ads — the very data that the stations have claimed are too difficult and costly to post online.) And give your students classroom credit for putting your mentoring to work.

Want to learn more? Read “If TV Stations Won’t Post Their Data Online, We Will” on the ProPublica website.

Read the full blog post: Doing Your Part to Dig Up Campaign Ad Data (Bill Moyers, 3/21/12)

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