Do you have to include a copy of ID w/ your mail ballot?

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We’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether or not mail voters have to include a copy of their ID with their ballot.

Unless your return envelope tells you to include a copy of your ID, you do not have to include one.

Someone who has not previously voted in an election in Colorado and intends to cast a mail-in ballot has to submit a copy of his or her identification with the mail-in ballot, if the individual did not already submit a copy of an ID, his or her driver’s license number, or the last four digits of his or her social security number with the mail-in voter registration application. 

If you have already mailed in your ballot without a copy of your ID, the County Clerk and Recorder will contact you within 3 days of receiving your ballot. You will have until 8 days after the election to bring in a copy of one of the acceptable forms of ID to your County Clerk and Recorder’s office. 

If you’re unsure about it, call your County Clerk and Recorder.

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