Campaign Finance Reform More Popular than Pot

Most of the attention about ballot measures in Colorado will be set on the legalization of marijuana, but there was even more widespread agreement among Colorado voters that our money in politics problems have to be fixed and their preferred tool is a federal constitutional amendment that would allow us to limit campaign contributions and spending. 73% of Colorado voters cast their ballot for Amendment 65.

Some quotes from our press release:

“During this campaign, we talked with countless Colorado voters who were fed up with the endless campaign ads funded by powerful wealthy interests,” commented Elena Nunez, executive director of Colorado Common Cause.  “With today’s vote, the people of Colorado have sent a strong message to our elected leaders to get to work on a constitutional amendment that restores a government of, by and for the people, not of, by, and for the corporations.”

“This election has proven that when wealthy people and big corporations are allowed to contribute as much as they want, they let the dollars flow,” said Danny Katz, Director of CoPIRG.  “91 individuals contributed at least $1 million each to Super PACs and that’s just what we know of. With a flick of the wrist, 629 megadonors matched the combined contributions of 1.9 million small donors. The public’s interest is drowned out and that’s why we need a constitutional amendment that will allow for campaign contribution limits.”

“The people of Colorado have just told their elected officials that we want them to get serious about reducing the influence of money and increasing the influence of people,” commented Ken Gordon, former Colorado State Senate Majority Leader and founder of “Hopefully the legislators will accept that message. The next election is when we hold them accountable.”

“The results of this vote aren’t just about Colorado; they send a message to the entire country. Americans are sick and tired of a political system corrupted by corporate and special interest money—they’re ready to take democracy back,” noted Ellen Dumm with People For the American Way Colorado.  “Today’s vote sends an unambiguous message about where people stand on this issue. Now it’s up to our elected leaders to listen.”

“Voters in Colorado echo the sentiment of the nation in calling for a constitutional amendment to get big corporate money out of our elections. It’s time to get the money out of politics and the voters back in.” said Aquene Freechild, Senior Organizer with Public Citizen’s Democracy Is For People Campaign.

“Amendment 65 is step one in a long term movement,” concluded Nunez.  “Now the hard work of holding our elected leaders accountable to the voters’ instructions begins.”

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