Tired Of Fake News? Take Action Today!

Europe has fallen off an economic cliff, and our Congress would rather jump after them than compromise–meanwhile, Big Media “watchdog” journalists are too caught up in Kate Middleton and the Powerball jackpot to care.

When so few voices monopolize our media environment, they’re bound to focus on profitable puff pieces at the expense of hard news. The airwaves are a public resource, but the people who control them are getting fewer and less diverse by the day.

That’s why we’re so worried about the changes the Federal Communication Commission wants to make to its media ownership rules. We want to see folks from a variety of backgrounds represented in our media landscape, but the FCC is more concerned with letting moguls like Rupert Murdoch grow their monopolies.

Yesterday Common Cause and other reform groups participated in a National Day of Action. Thousands of activists across the country called the FCC to fight media consolidation and protect minority and female broadcasters. You helped us win a temporary reprieve–30 days to tell the FCC not to undermine our media any further.

A delay without a reform is not enough, but thankfully, Bill Moyers is on the case. Yesterday, he spoke with former FCC Commissioner Michael Copps about the changes, and you can watch him talk about it on your local PBS station this weekend.

Today, you can help him keep up the pressure at the FCC. You can sign the petition at FreePress, tweet with the hashtag #StopTheFCC, or contact the FCC directly to let them know where you stand.

As always, follow Michael @coppsm and me @ttoboyle to stay up to date on everything we are doing – and how you can help protect independent media.

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