VIDEO: The end of the internet as we know it?

The Internet is on fire with news that the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit just struck down network neutrality.

The Court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Open Internet (“net neutrality”) rules were improperly written.

We are reviewing the decision – and we’ll have more details for you soon – but here’s what you need to know now: The court said that the FCC made a mistake more than a decade ago by declaring broadband to be a lightly-regulated “information service.”

That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news: the Court made clear that if the FCC reclassifies broadband as a “telecommunications service” it can write strong net neutrality rules to protect consumers. So we are calling on the FCC to do just that. Add your name here.

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One Response to “VIDEO: The end of the internet as we know it?”

  1. I demand that Congress protect freedom and openness on the Internet by passing legislation to protect network neutrality.

    The Internet is our most democratic medium. It has grown exponentially, fueled innovation and altered how we communicate. Network neutrality is the guiding principle that has allowed for these advancements.

    Now, for-profit interests want to violate the principle of network neutrality in order to increase their own profit margins. They must not be allowed to destroy the free and open culture of the web.

    I strongly urge you and your colleagues in Congress to support robust net neutrality legislation that prohibits network operators from blocking, impeding or interfering with any lawful Internet traffic or prioritizing any content or services.