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ALEC Taking Cover from Federal, State Tax Laws

The Guardian’s deep dive this week into a trove of American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) records shows the organization’s understanding that its operations may violate charitable tax laws.  How do we know?  Because ALEC is creating a separate, sister organization – “The Jeffersonian Project” – organized under laws that permit it to engage in unlimited […]

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As IRS Inquiry Looms, ALEC Hatches Escape Plan

Facing an Internal Revenue Service inquiry on tax fraud charges, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is effectively acknowledging that its status as a charity may be a cover for its real work as a multi-million dollar lobby for some of the nation’s largest and richest corporations. The Guardian newspaper, citing documents obtained from ALEC’s […]

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Time to bring the fracking lobby into the sunshine

What do fracking chemicals and political spending have in common in Ohio? Secrecy. Last year, the oil and gas industry and ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, helped pass a bill that lets energy companies keep secret many of the chemicals used in fracking, a new and poorly regulated technique of drilling for natural gas. […]

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Sallie Breaks Up With ALEC

Good news! Sallie Mae has withdrawn from the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. The nation’s largest student lender this week became the 50th corporation to drop ALEC, distancing itself from the secretive, corporate-backed lobby group. Common Cause is part of a broad coalition of groups that helped put together a student rally in front of […]

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Big crowd of activists blasts ALEC in Chicago

CHICAGO, IL – As  hundreds of state legislators, lobbyists, and CEOs celebrated ALEC’s 40th anniversary this week with a new round of closed-door talks and bill-writing, Common Cause and our allies gathered in the city to demand an end to ALEC’s secretive corporate lobbying and model legislation practices. More than 2,700 activists turned out for […]

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