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“Six Amendments” — Stevens Stirs the Pot

Supreme Court justices routinely serve well into their golden years and fade from public view once they leave the bench. Two of the three living retired justices, Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter, have followed that model. Souter, retired in 2009, went home to New Hampshire and has pretty well disappeared. O’Connor, who stepped aside […]

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The McCutcheon Decision – What Does It Mean?

The Washington Post created a very helpful infographic on what the McCutcheon v. FEC decision actually does: Candidates Before, a single donor could contribute up to $5,200 to every House and Senate candidate up to a limit of $48,600. Now, if a single donor gives $5,200 to every House and Senate candidates of one party in a […]

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Lawmakers react to McCutcheon ruling

Capitol Hill is reacting, loudly, to today’s Supreme Court decision in McCutcheon v. FEC. Here’s a sampling Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-WI: Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-CT: Sen. Chris Coons, D-DE: Sen. Angus King, I-ME: Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-VT: Sen. John McCain, R-AZ: Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-KY: Sen. Bernie Sanders, […]

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A turning point — if we make it one

There’s no getting around it; today is a bad day for our democracy. In McCutcheon v. FEC, the Supreme Court this morning struck a blow on behalf of the powerful and against the hundreds of millions of Americans whose voices now can be further drowned out by the wealthiest one percent. The decision is a […]

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Hobby Lobby and the legacy of Citizens United

Assume that a corporate board objects to a public policy – the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) for example — and wants to use corporate treasury funds to oppose it. The company could hire lobbyists to lobby members of Congress to vote it down (as the health insurance industry did when it funneled over $100 million […]

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