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Initiative Process Under Assault

The Colorado General Assembly is trying to take away the initiative process for grassroots groups, but leave it in place for the wealthiest interests.  This is unacceptable. Time and time again, the citizens of Colorado have had to use the initiative process when the legislature would not act. Campaign finance reform, ethics in government, the […]

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A turning point — if we make it one

There’s no getting around it; today is a bad day for our democracy. In McCutcheon v. FEC, the Supreme Court this morning struck a blow on behalf of the powerful and against the hundreds of millions of Americans whose voices now can be further drowned out by the wealthiest one percent. The decision is a […]

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Voters lose as Senate rejects Obama’s civil rights nominee

Debo Adegbile, by all accounts a whip-smart lawyer and legal scholar of impeccable integrity, lost his bid on Wednesday for Senate confirmation to serve as head of the civil rights division of the Justice Department. The 45-52 vote was cast in news accounts as an embarrassing defeat for President Obama, who saw seven Democratic senators […]

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Not all election reforms promote equality

An op-ed in the Boston Globe by Elizabeth Rigby, assistant professor of public policy and public administration at George Washington University, makes a strong case for Election Day registration. Yet our findings also show that Election Day registration can greatly reduce inequalities in voter participation. Replacing two separate steps with one trip to the voting place […]

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Massachusetts Election Reform Bill Will Improve Voting

(This blog is cross posted in the Common Cause press center and was published as a guest column in the Fall River Herald News.) Recent claims against election reform in Massachusetts miss the point. Election reforms are on track to improve the voting experience and expand the electorate. Legislation currently in conference committee seek to […]

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