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ALEC Hits Kansas City, And We’re Hitting ALEC

Hundreds of state legislators and corporate executives, all members of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), will be in Kansas City, MO tomorrow and Friday for their annual Spring Task Force Meeting. They’ll say it’s just a gathering to exchange ideas on improving state and local government. In fact, the event is an opportunity for […]

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FCC Caving on Open Internet?

Do you enjoy the incredible variety of information and entertainment that comes to you in seconds whenever you’re online? Well get ready to be disappointed. After years of insisting that it would not, the Federal Communications Commission, is raising the white flag on the Open Internet. The commission’s chairman. Tom Wheeler (above) has proposed new […]

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Initiative Process Under Assault

The Colorado General Assembly is trying to take away the initiative process for grassroots groups, but leave it in place for the wealthiest interests.  This is unacceptable. Time and time again, the citizens of Colorado have had to use the initiative process when the legislature would not act. Campaign finance reform, ethics in government, the […]

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Cuomo, lawmakers pull not-funny prank on NY voters

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York’s legislative leaders apparently have decided that April Fools is the perfect day for a not-at-all-funny prank on Empire State voters. After months extolling the virtues of a “Fair Elections” public financing plan for New York’s scandal-plagued elections, and even including money for it in his annual budget proposal, Cuomo […]

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Secrecy at the MBTA Pension Fund

(This post was originally published on the New England First Amendment Coalition blog, click here.) The MBTA Retirement Board recently voted to deny a request to turn over records relating to a controversial deal that cost the pension fund $25 million. The vote was tied 3-3 with directors loyal toGovernor Deval Patrick voting in favor of making the […]

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