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Consistency in Judicial Opinions: The Case of Chief Justice Roberts

There are many qualities that excellent justices require. First is what is called the judicial temperament; that is, according to the American Bar Association, “compassion, decisiveness, open-mindedness, sensitivity, courtesy, patience, freedom from bias and commitment to equal justice.” Second must be a thorough knowledge of the law. But neither of these are of much use […]

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McCutcheon‘s faux populism

The plaintiff in McCutcheon v. FEC, Shaun McCutcheon, contended that he “fought for your right to support as many political candidates and parties as you like [emphasis added].” Llya Shapiro at Cato Institute said by striking down the aggregate contribution limits the Court “gave those who contribute money to candidates and parties (nearly) as much […]

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LETTER: Aggregate limits didn’t burden speech

The $123,000 aggregate contribution limit stuck down by the Supreme Court last week in McCutcheon v. FEC was anything but “arbitrary” and “burden[some] on First Amendment speech” (Did Supreme Court ‘open floodgate’ for unlimited campaign cash?, Lawrence Eagle Tribune, April 6). The limit was necessary to deter public corruption and the appearance thereof. In 2012, […]

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LETTER: Self-government does depend on the right to participate in political debate

(This post was published as a letter to the editor in the Boston Globe, click here.) We agree “self-government depends on the right to participate in advocacy and debate” (McCutcheon decision reaffirms First Amendment, Boston Globe, April 6). That’s why we side with the dissenting opinion in McCutcheon v. FEC and with previous decisions that […]

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America for sale

(This post was published on WGBH News, click here, and in the Fall River Herald News, click here.) When the Supreme Court issued its 5-4 McCutcheon vs. FEC decision last week, it demonstrated once again just how out of touch with political reality it is. The court found that big money in politics and the influence and access to elected officials […]

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