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Defending the People’s Pledge

Joanna Weiss sounds surprisingly like Chief Justice John Roberts in her column “It’s time to let go of the People’s Pledge” (Boston Globe, June 22, 2014). Like Roberts, she argues that strong campaign finance disclosure laws are sufficient to cure what ails democracy in the post-Citizens United era. In this post we respond to some of […]

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New Poll: Massachusetts voters oppose Super PACs, support donor disclosure

A majority of Massachusetts voters want to get rid of Super PACs and to regulate them more effectively concluded a statewide Suffolk University poll of 800 likely voters conducted June 4-7, 2014. Even when Super PAC spending is framed as “free speech”, 55% of voters oppose them, or a whopping 81% once undecided voters are removed. 67% […]

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Victory! Secretary of State Advisory Opinion Designates Upcoming Citizens United Colorado Film as an ‘Electioneering Communication’ Subject to Disclosure Requirements

By Keir Lamont On Tuesday June 3rd the Colorado Secretary of State’s office held a hearing to consider Citizens United’s request that their upcoming film on Colorado politics be exempted from the definition of ‘electioneering communication’ and associated funding disclosure requirements under Colorado State Law.  Colorado Common Cause provided testimony and submitted public comments arguing that the […]

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Citizens United Comes to Colorado

Citizens United has turned its attention to Colorado. Yes, that Citizens United, the group behind the disastrous U. S. Supreme Court ruling that decided corporations and labor unions could spend unlimited amounts of money in support or opposition to candidates (supposedly independent from the candidates themselves). When 74% of Colorado voters passed Amendment 65 in 2012, we […]

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Common Cause Illinois wins Same Day Registration Pilot Program; Fight Continues for Permanent Victory

Common Cause is pushing back, state by state, against the attacks on voters across the nation – and Illinois is no exception. In response, Common Cause Illinois (CCIL) achieved a victory last week for voters across the state. Through grassroots organizing and lobbying, CCIL successfully pushed for passage of HB105. This election bill started off […]

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