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Victory! Secretary of State Advisory Opinion Designates Upcoming Citizens United Colorado Film as an ‘Electioneering Communication’ Subject to Disclosure Requirements

By Keir Lamont On Tuesday June 3rd the Colorado Secretary of State’s office held a hearing to consider Citizens United’s request that their upcoming film on Colorado politics be exempted from the definition of ‘electioneering communication’ and associated funding disclosure requirements under Colorado State Law.  Colorado Common Cause provided testimony and submitted public comments arguing that the […]

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Citizens United Comes to Colorado

Citizens United has turned its attention to Colorado. Yes, that Citizens United, the group behind the disastrous U. S. Supreme Court ruling that decided corporations and labor unions could spend unlimited amounts of money in support or opposition to candidates (supposedly independent from the candidates themselves). When 74% of Colorado voters passed Amendment 65 in 2012, we […]

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Initiative Process Under Assault

The Colorado General Assembly is trying to take away the initiative process for grassroots groups, but leave it in place for the wealthiest interests.  This is unacceptable. Time and time again, the citizens of Colorado have had to use the initiative process when the legislature would not act. Campaign finance reform, ethics in government, the […]

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“The Court is unconvinced.”

Yesterday, a Denver District Court rejected Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s claims that his rights were violated while being investigated by the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission. Here’s the back story. Colorado Ethics Watch filed a supplemental complaint with the Commission in October of 2012 asking that the Secretary be investigated for misuse of public funds.  […]

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Transparency moving through Colo. Legislature

Last month, transparency prevailed at the House Local Government Committee Hearing regarding the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA), or HB12-1193.

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