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Cleaning Up Georgia’s Politics

Thanks to Common Cause Georgia and its allies, Georgia passed a bill limiting lobbyist gifts to legislators for the first time in state history.

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Robocalls Spur Personal Attack by House Leader

House Majority Leader angrily replies to watchdog’s request for meaningful reform  In a surprising response to a letter sent to ethics committee conferees requesting consideration of amendments and informing members of advocacy calls to voters in their legislative districts, House Majority Leader Larry O’Neal … Continue reading

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Could the Billion Dollar Stadium Get A Billion Dollars in Public Money?

Believe it or not, there is a good possibility that the Atlanta City Council may vote on the proposed new stadium on Monday. If true, to call such a fast-track vote irresponsible would be a vast understatement. The two inch-thick … Continue reading

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Let the people decide!

At some point, a conversation we were never allowed to hear, took place between Arthur  Blank and Atlanta’s Mayor, Kasim Reed. A few other conversations we never heard took place between Reed and some city council members. Other quiet conversations … Continue reading

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Speaker’s Bill would turn his $17K trip to Europe into a $13K trip – that’s not a gimmick?

I get accused of not praising the steps the House Leadership has taken toward ethics reform. While I have praised them for offering to restore the rulemaking authority for what use to be known as the State Ethics Commission, requiring disclosure … Continue reading

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