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Taking on the IRS — for the right reason

A tip of the hat to Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-MD, who along with some of Common Cause‚Äôs allies in the campaign finance reform community is making a valiant effort to re-focus and maybe re-energize the continuing debate over the tax status of politically-active non-profit groups. Van Hollen, the Campaign Legal Center, Democracy 21, and […]

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From Lima to Annapolis

This week I had the honor of speaking about Common Cause Maryland to a very unusual audience – a delegation of Congressional Representatives from Peru. The experience taught me that reformers in Maryland and Peru can learn a lot from each other.

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2013: A Good Year for Good Government

Common Cause Maryland had a banner year — executive director Jennifer Bevan-Dangel shares some of the highlights.

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Not Educated Enough To Vote?

A pro-voter ID Delegate lets slip some of the elitist thinking behind the restrictive policy

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Marylanders Take a Stand Against Citizens United

Activists stood out in the cold and damp to make their voices heard

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