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Duke: It’s Our Mess, You Clean It Up

Last month’s coal ash spill in North Carolina’s has become a dramatic example of the influence a single company, Duke Energy, can exert through political spending and having friends in high places. Since the spill, which contaminated a large part of the Dan River, protesters have called on NC Gov. Pat McCrory to hold Duke […]

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Common Cause Applauds Department of Justice for Suing North Carolina Over Its New Restrictive Voting Law

Amidst the coverage of an impending government shutdown, the Department of Justice announced today that it was suing North Carolina to halt its breathtakingly restrictive new voting law.

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Common Cause Applauds U.S. Challenge to North Carolina’s New Voting Law

As much of the federal government prepared to shut down, the Department of Justice announced today that it is suing North Carolina to halt the state’s breathtakingly restrictive new voting law. Common Cause applauds Attorney General Holder’s announcement. (Common Cause North Carolina previously announced its own lawsuit. You can read more about that here). North Carolina’s […]

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Time to match words with action on elections

Within a week of Governor Pat McCrory signing the new monster elections bill into law, several counties started taking unprecedented steps to make voting harder for all college students.

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Common Cause North Carolina Joins Allies In Challenging North Carolina Voter Suppression Bill in Court

We’re working to ensure that all Tar Heel voters enjoy the free, fair and accessible right to vote.

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