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Time to bring the fracking lobby into the sunshine

What do fracking chemicals and political spending have in common in Ohio? Secrecy. Last year, the oil and gas industry and ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, helped pass a bill that lets energy companies keep secret many of the chemicals used in fracking, a new and poorly regulated technique of drilling for natural gas. […]

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Voting machines are never perfect, but Ohio has reasonable safeguards

Could voting machines supplied by a company with ties to Mitt Romney be programmed to produce a big vote for Romney in all-important Ohio? The blogosphere has been crackling with speculation about such a scenario because two Cincinnati-area counties use voting machines provided by Hart InterCivic, a company whose board includes three executives of a […]

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ALEC Lawmaker In Ohio Accused of Lobbying for ALEC Corporations

Sen. Seitz wrote a memo aimed at blocking a bi-partisan bill that would stop corporations from defrauding taxpayers

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