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Common Cause Presses President’s Election Commission to Eliminate Obstacles to Voting

As President Obama’s Commission on Election Administration searches for ways to shorten the long lines that plagued last year’s voting and smooth out other kinks in the machinery of our elections, Common Cause chapters across the country are drawing on our work with voters and election officials to highlight problems and propose solutions. In testimony […]

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GOP “Poll Watchers” Target African- American Precincts

New info reveals that “poll watchers” are being disproportionately deployed to African-American precincts with no history of voter fraud

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PA Voter ID Law On Hold, But Is The Damage Already Done?

The state’s anemic response to the ruling putting photo ID on hold has enabled a misinformation campaign in its place.

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Understanding the Pennsylvania Voter ID Ruling

For now, voters in Pennsylvania without valid photo ID cards don’t have to apply for free ID cards from the state. When they go to the polls in November, they will still be asked for a photo ID card. If they don’t have one, they can vote using a provisional ballot.

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PA Voter ID Law Delayed—All Votes Will Count on Nov. 6

While today’s decision is a short-term victory for the voters of Pennsylvania, the Department of State must do more to make sure that people are not disenfranchised.

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