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A Healthy Democracy Demands An Open Internet

The health of our media is key to the health of our democracy. Traditionally, a vibrant local press was key to an informed electorate. But with newspaper reading and local TV news viewing in decline, the Internet is emerging as our 21st century public square, the place where voters inform themselves, advocates organize their constituents, […]

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Activists protest merger plan at Comcast shareholders meeting

By Daniel Weissglass Common Cause activists were part of a crowd that gathered outside of the Comcast shareholders meeting in Philadelphia today to protest the company’s planned merger with Time Warner Cable. Under the slogan #IVoteNo, the group called for increased consumer choice in the cable market; speakers included Todd O’Boyle (pictured above), program director […]

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Grassroots activism needed to shine light on ‘dark money’ in political fundraising

(This post was published as a guest column in the Cambridge Chronicle, click here.) Four years after the Supreme Court majority in Citizens United v. FEC promised unlimited political fundraising posed no risks of corruption as long as the donors are disclosed, the 2014 election is shaping up to have the most undisclosed money ever. […]

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Net Neutrality Momentum Building

Thanks to your support, we and our allies delivered more than 1 million petitions to the Federal Communications Commission earlier this year, demanding that it ensure innovation and free expression online by guaranteeing real Open Internet protections. With so much of our democratic discourse happening online, this is non-negotiable. So it was disappointing – and […]

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No Fast Lanes For The Few

You depend more and more on the Net. Now the Net is depending on you.

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