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Defending the People’s Pledge

Joanna Weiss sounds surprisingly like Chief Justice John Roberts in her column “It’s time to let go of the People’s Pledge” (Boston Globe, June 22, 2014). Like Roberts, she argues that strong campaign finance disclosure laws are sufficient to cure what ails democracy in the post-Citizens United era. In this post we respond to some of […]

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New Poll: Massachusetts voters oppose Super PACs, support donor disclosure

A majority of Massachusetts voters want to get rid of Super PACs and to regulate them more effectively concluded a statewide Suffolk University poll of 800 likely voters conducted June 4-7, 2014. Even when Super PAC spending is framed as “free speech”, 55% of voters oppose them, or a whopping 81% once undecided voters are removed. 67% […]

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Calling on Candidates to Take the ‘People’s Pledge’

By Thomas Natalini In the wake of this week’s constitutional amendment hearing on money in politics, Common Cause delivered letters to congressional and gubernatorial candidates across the country urging them to take a “People’s Pledge” to reject outside spending by special interest groups in their political races. The letter urges the office-seekers to “try something […]

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What the Money In Politics Amendment Would Really Do

By Matthew Bly Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow Congress to regulate campaign finance triggered high emotions from supporters and opponents alike. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX),  was greeted with snickers, sighs, and eye rolls from the audience as he argued that S.J. Res. 19, the proposed amendment, would […]

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Amendment Opponents Duck a Central Issue

By Meghan Cleary Opponents of a constitutional amendment to regulate campaign spending had plenty to say during Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposal. But they were all but silent on one of the central issues: the dangers of very wealthy people buying our elections. You’d think that Republican leaders like Sens. Mitch McConnell […]

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