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Amendment Opponents Duck a Central Issue

By Meghan Cleary Opponents of a constitutional amendment to regulate campaign spending had plenty to say during Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposal. But they were all but silent on one of the central issues: the dangers of very wealthy people buying our elections. You’d think that Republican leaders like Sens. Mitch McConnell […]

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Citizens United Comes to Colorado

Citizens United has turned its attention to Colorado. Yes, that Citizens United, the group behind the disastrous U. S. Supreme Court ruling that decided corporations and labor unions could spend unlimited amounts of money in support or opposition to candidates (supposedly independent from the candidates themselves). When 74% of Colorado voters passed Amendment 65 in 2012, we […]

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Common Cause Illinois wins Same Day Registration Pilot Program; Fight Continues for Permanent Victory

Common Cause is pushing back, state by state, against the attacks on voters across the nation – and Illinois is no exception. In response, Common Cause Illinois (CCIL) achieved a victory last week for voters across the state. Through grassroots organizing and lobbying, CCIL successfully pushed for passage of HB105. This election bill started off […]

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Political Money Fuels Mass Incarceration

By Matthew Bly With more than six months still to go, outside interests have already spent $103.6 million in the 2014 election cycle. This is a good thing, right? I mean, if the Supreme Court is right and money equals speech in politics, there’s a lot of talking going on. So let’s get to it. […]

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A Healthy Democracy Demands An Open Internet

The health of our media is key to the health of our democracy. Traditionally, a vibrant local press was key to an informed electorate. But with newspaper reading and local TV news viewing in decline, the Internet is emerging as our 21st century public square, the place where voters inform themselves, advocates organize their constituents, […]

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