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Study links Voter ID laws to bias among lawmakers

By Thomas Natalini A new study by researchers at the University of Southern California argues that bias among state legislators against Latino voters is an important factor in the passage of tough voter ID laws across the country. The laws ostensibly are designed to prevent voter fraud, but the researchers said there’s almost no evidence […]

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Sharing the Credit for Today’s Filibuster Victory

Every now and then, right wins out – even in Washington. The Senate’s vote today rolling back the filibuster rule and allowing a simple majority of senators to determine the fate of most presidential nominations is a big victory for our democracy. There’s much, much more to do to fix the Senate, but this is […]

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Slippery slopes, super glue and the Senate

Politico has posted another in Richard Arenberg’s series of warnings against change in the Senate’s filibuster rule. Arenberg seems to operate on the theory that if you repeat bad ideas often enough and forcefully enough, people eventually will think they’re good ideas. In this post, he repeats claims that a Senate rules change ending or […]

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JFK’s prescient description of modern politics

This weekend I picked up a copy of JFK’s Profiles in Courage and I was struck by this particularly prescient passage. If it was true then, it is even truer today, almost 60 years later. “Today the challenge of political courage looms larger than ever before. For our everyday life is becoming so saturated with the tremendous […]

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