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A turning point — if we make it one

There’s no getting around it; today is a bad day for our democracy. In McCutcheon v. FEC, the Supreme Court this morning struck a blow on behalf of the powerful and against the hundreds of millions of Americans whose voices now can be further drowned out by the wealthiest one percent. The decision is a […]

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Let’s see what’s under the hood

My first attempted car purchase was harrowing.  I made the mistake of going to a used car dealership.  As a young woman, I was given the “hard sell.”  Jargon was thrown at me, fast talking, special deals were offered “if I bought on the spot.”   I broke into a cold sweat, overwhelmed by the enormity […]

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“60 Minutes” tackles congressional slush funds

With so much attention focused these days on Washington’s dysfunction and our divided political system, we sometimes forget the one big thing that brings our elected officials together: money. Steve Kroft and CBS’ “60 Minutes” team visited the capital recently to confront members of Congress over their use of money collected by their Leadership PACs […]

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Let’s Get Going

I’ve got a movie coming out this week. (Now that’s something I never thought I’d say!) I hope you’ll go see it. And then I hope you’ll do something about it. The film is Inequality for All. It’s a documentary about the American economy and its transformation over four decades from an engine of prosperity […]

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Laugh of the day

  “Our members are proud to be part of [the organization]” – Marc Short, President of Freedom Partners, a Koch brothers-backed, tax-exempt outfit profiled by Politico on Thursday.   Interviewed for a Politico story on his previously unknown tentacle of the Kochtopus, Short showed off federal tax forms demonstrating how Freedom Partners funneled $236 million last […]

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