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“Six Amendments” — Stevens Stirs the Pot

Supreme Court justices routinely serve well into their golden years and fade from public view once they leave the bench. Two of the three living retired justices, Sandra Day O’Connor and David Souter, have followed that model. Souter, retired in 2009, went home to New Hampshire and has pretty well disappeared. O’Connor, who stepped aside […]

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Invitation to a Dialogue: Democracy Gone Awry

Each week the New York Times picks one letter to the editor to which they encourage responses. This week’s pick, Invitation to a Dialogue: Democracy Gone Awry, offers a great opening for all of us to make the case for critical fixes to our “democracy gone awry”: an amendment to revoke corporate constitutional rights and to […]

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The Shutdown: Don’t Take Sides — Take Action

There are encouraging signs that the federal government shutdown is winding down. But let’s not kid ourselves — it or something like it is pretty much a sure bet to return. That’s because the shutdown reflects some deep-seated problems with our government and politics. And while it may be over soon, those problems are far […]

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Don’t shutdown. Connect with Common Cause Massachusetts!

Tired of dysfunctional government? We don’t blame you. It’s easy to be discouraged by partisan gridlock and the federal government shutdown. But don’t let your discouragement become apathy. We know how to fix our democracy. It starts with putting an end to partisan redistricting, limiting the undue influence of money in elections, encouraging broad voter […]

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Making Our Democracy Functional

Michael Copps makes the case for reform

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