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Amend 2012 Could Cure Cancer of Campaign Finance Corruption

“Common Cause is not a Democratic organization or a Republican organization. It is an American organization that serves as our greatest non-governmental watchdog against corruption and abuse of power.”

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Olbermann and Bernie Sanders on the Drive to Overturn Citizens United

Whose voice do we need? Bernie Sanders says we need YOURS.

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Olbermann and Murphy on Rules for the Rulers

“We have very little idea what’s going on in the Supreme Court,” Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT) told Keith Olbermann last night during a discussion of H.R.862 – Supreme Court Transparency and Disclosure Act of 2011.

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Suddenly, everyone’s talking about big money and Fair Elections Now

Anyone who follows the work of Common Cause knows how disappointed – make that outraged – we were last January when the Supreme Court effectively legalized corporate funding of election campaigns. We’re as unhappy now about the Citizens United decision as we were when it was handed down. We think it’s an invitation to a […]

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Opportunity is knocking

Are you going to allow five Supreme Court justices to have the last word on our democracy? I didn’t think so. The horrendous ruling by the Roberts Court to allow unlimited political spending by corporations and unions requires a game-changing response. On Friday, I shared the cornerstone of Common Cause’s plan with Keith Olbermann and […]

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