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FCC Caving on Open Internet?

Do you enjoy the incredible variety of information and entertainment that comes to you in seconds whenever you’re online? Well get ready to be disappointed. After years of insisting that it would not, the Federal Communications Commission, is raising the white flag on the Open Internet. The commission’s chairman. Tom Wheeler (above) has proposed new […]

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Jewish Center Shooter Had a Long History of Hate

Frazier Glenn Cross, the man charged with gunning down three people on Sunday outside a Jewish Community Center and a Jewish assisted living facility, had a long record as a purveyor of hate. Nearly three decades ago, Cross – then known as Frazier Glenn Miller – was the subject of a Common Cause Magazine story […]

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Connecticut Celebrates Miles Rapoport

Miles Rapoport got a big send-off Sunday from his home state of Connecticut, where he has lived for decades and served as a state legislator and secretary of the state before joining Common Cause as its new president earlier this month.

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Reinforce public’s right to know

(This piece was published as an op-ed in the Boston Herald on March 22, 2014.) Freedom of information is the lifeblood of a healthy democracy, energizing and strengthening the relationship between our government and its citizens. The better we understand the workings of our government, the more we can participate in public life, help set […]

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Voter ID proponents mask their true purpose

There’s nothing patriotic about silencing minorities and other marginalized members of society to preserve and maintain legislative power.

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