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Voters lose as Senate rejects Obama’s civil rights nominee

Debo Adegbile, by all accounts a whip-smart lawyer and legal scholar of impeccable integrity, lost his bid on Wednesday for Senate confirmation to serve as head of the civil rights division of the Justice Department. The 45-52 vote was cast in news accounts as an embarrassing defeat for President Obama, who saw seven Democratic senators […]

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How We Beat Voter ID

We saw an attempt this week, once again, to make voting more difficult in Colorado for those who do not have a particular form of ID.

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Election protection plays a role in fair, smooth elections

After reports of “election irregularities” during Lawrence’s preliminary election in September, Common Cause Massachusetts organized a last minute election protection effort to ensure fair election procedures and smooth administration during the city’s general election. We dispatched 30 poll observers to select polling locations throughout the day and directed people to call our office line should […]

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12 year old’s speech should inspire us to #UpdateTheVoteMA

In July, the North Carolina legislature passed and the Governor signed the “country’s worst voter suppression law.” But that isn’t discouraging 12 year old Madison Kimrey. She is speaking out with force and passion, calling the repeal of pre-registration what it is, a concerted attempt to decrease voter engagement among young Americans like her. Her […]

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