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Connecting American Students Means Taking on Big Telecom

The Wall Street Journal offers a timely and sobering account of the painfully inadequate broadband many of our schools rely on.

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Sallie Breaks Up With ALEC

Good news! Sallie Mae has withdrawn from the American Legislative Exchange Council, ALEC. The nation’s largest student lender this week became the 50th corporation to drop ALEC, distancing itself from the secretive, corporate-backed lobby group. Common Cause is part of a broad coalition of groups that helped put together a student rally in front of […]

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Saturday Voting and Non-Citizen Poll Workers in California

  Elections in California might change for the better. The State Senate has taken two steps towards increasing voter turnout and community accessibility with the approval of both SB 637 and AB 817. SB 637 will allow Californians to vote on Saturdays before Election Day. County election officials will open early voting locations no earlier than […]

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Stronger Together

Common Cause CT intern Asha Merz shares why money in politics is a problem young Americans should pay more attention to

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Student Debt and Corporate Greed

College students are drowning in debt, and keeping student loan rates low won’t be enough to save them. Last week, President Obama urged Congress not to let government-backed student loan rates double; unless the House and Senate act by July 1, student loan interest rates will jump from 3.4 percent to 6.8, adding an average […]

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